Nowadays the Web is the biggest and the most dynamic information repository in the world. This presents an important opportunity to improve and develop both retrieval and extraction techniques for Web information. This involves different kinds of data such as: text, semistructured data, images, sound, and so on; and, on the other hand, it’s important to take advantage of the hypertextual structure of the Web and the behaviour of the users that have been registered both on the web servers and on web specific applications such as search engines.

In this way, the main purpose of this group includes the study of every kind of problem related with the better understanding of the Web, making use of its information and easy access.


  • Cigdem Aslay, WRG PhD Student, defended his PhD thesis "From Viral Marketing to Social Advertising: Ad Allocation under Social Influence", obtaining the grade of Excellent Cum Laude.
  • Our PhD Student, Yashir Mehmood, defended his PhD Thesis "Modeling the Roles of Individuals and Groups in the Dynamics of Information Propagation", obtaining the grade of Excellent Cum Laude.
  • Maria Rauschenberger, PhD student at WRG, has been awarded with the W4A Google Doctoral Student Consortium Scholarship, for her research in dyslexia.
  • Lorena Recalde will give the course "Introduction to Scratch" at GirlsHack!
  • Ana Freire has been awarded with the Big Data Talent Awards. This award recognizes PhD Thesis related to business analytics with the most socio-economic impact and technological innovation (November 2015).

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